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Budapest’s craziness

If Budapest would be a person, she would be a lady who enhances her independence and shows of her character, way more than just a girl with a pretty face. You will get to know her calm and peaceful behaviour, on the other hand you will be able to explore wild side.
So let’s explore these crazy adventures!


Pick a limousine!

Why don’t you get dropped of at the best clubs of BP like a king or a movie star? Yes indeed in a limousine! It could be a marvelous experience for birthdays, bachelor / hen parties or just have the Hollywood party style feeling. You will have a Budapest sightseeing tour in a completely different and unique way, you can shirk out your head while the driver takes you trough the beautiful streets of BP. Get your friends together and experience an unforgettable "pre" party, pop a bottle of champagne with your friends and enjoy the ride!



Or... Pick a party bus!

Can you imagine in a ’shaky’  Party, where the environment moving and you are just dancing, while stop next to the most wanted sightseeing.  It’s a 2in1 activity again, where you can save your time in BP. With your friends you will have some bottle of champagne, (if you want ) your own music from the background and flashing lights. Some of the buses have laser lights, pole dance area, and there might be a possibility to record the whole party bus event, thanks for the on board cameras. After this dancer/drinker/touring hour you will definitely see the whole city from another prospective, and of course reach your party destination. Party buses offer seating capacities ranging from 2 to any amount of passengers depending on the bus size or the customization.




Ride a Beer bike!

A Beer Bike trip is such a cool activity that you can find all around the world. This is a perfect program to HANG(over) out with your friends, do some team building or just have a sightseeing tour in a funny way. Beer Bikes can handle 8 till 14 enthusiastic tourists. (with 8 active pedalling and 6 idler seats) A trained driver operates each of them, so we do not have to fear for any accidents. You can listen to your own music, drink your favourite beer and yes, you do some work out on your holiday!



Bubble Football

Bubble Football revealed as a hilarious new game that puts soccer players inside bouncing, inflatable suits.If you see it from the outside, you won’t believe how funny is to be inside. This new beautiful game brings a whole new meaning to ball control because players compete inside giant BUBBLES. Two teams of seven players suit up in the plastic spheres, before chasing and kicking the ball to the best of their capability. The hardest thing, you are not able to communicate within the team, so you are kind of alone in the team.  Bubble Football is supposed to be a funny football play, with less strict rules and tend to be a lot more relaxed so people can get the most out of the activity.

If any of these programs got your attention feel free to approach us about the details.

Have a crazy holiday!

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